Cushion of the Day – 21.4.13

Ochre Italy

Ochre Italy

Ochre Italy shows delightful pictorial descriptions of all the major towns in Italy including Sicily and Sardinia.  It is 22″ with a yellow reverse and brown leather buttons and dates to the 1990s.

Catherine Daniel


I met Catherine Daniel at the Homestart evening sale and was wowed by her Willow Chicken! Catherine teaches classes in willow weaving making plant supports, bird houses and sculptures, including this chicken at her home in Teddington.  Email her on for details.

Cushion of the Day – 14.4.13

Shows O'Connell Bridge River Liffey Dublin, Ross Casle Killarney, SRayon White linen reverse Green buttons 1960s

Irish International Airlines

I know I’ve posted this cushion before but today it’s up in honour of London Irish Wild Geese who yesterday won promotion to National League 2.  A great day – and night – resulting in a total loss of voice!  “Irish International Airlines” shows an aeroplane in the centre with O’Connell Bridge over the River Liffey, Ross Castle Killarney, St Patrick’s Bridge Cork and O’Connell Street Limerick in the four corners.  It has a border of planes and shamrocks, a white Irish linen reverse and green buttons and dates to the 1960s after which the airline no longer existed.